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Plans & Passes

Current Membership Plans:
  • 8 sessions per month
  • 12 sessions per month
  • Unlimited sessions per month


2 x Week $90 every month • 8 visits per Month • 2 x Week is a monthly package. 8 sessions per month

12 sessions per month $120 every month • 12 visits per Month • 3 x Week is a monthly plan. 12 sessions per month

Oak Grove Soccer $80 every month • 8 visits per Month • Meets 2 days per week. Focus is speed, agility, strength, and soccer skills.

VOLT - Versus Online Training $20 every month • Unlimited visits • V O L T is weekly workouts, minimal time and equipment. We know you are busy and limited time to get to the gym. We've created our online platform and community so you can take Versus Strength & Conditioning programming with you anywhere and minimal equipment. The Versus coaches are ready to help you take that next step towards your goals with VOLT. Make sure you follow our blog — versusonlinetraining.com— to catch up with the latest videos and articles from our coaches!

Versus30 $75 every month • 8 visits per Month • Versus30 membership is for clients who only want to do our 30 minute classes. It entitles clients to Versus30 classes and no other classes or programs. It is good for 8 30 min sessions a month.Versus30 takes place at our Crosspoint/ 589 location. It is 1 mile off of 98 west toward Sumrall.

CK 2.0 $100 every month • 1 visit per Month • This program is for CK Clients who have already completed one Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenges within a calendar year. This is for clients who understand the CK philosophy and are well practiced in the planning and execution of making the Big 4 habits happen on a daily basis. You may just need a little extra accountability to stay focused on task. CK 2.0 will start off as a 3 month minimum, then a monthly membership after completing the 3 month requirement.