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Clean Kitchen

$250Purchase required to enroll

Versus Clean Kitchen is a 12 week online nutritional training program. During the Clean Kitchen you will learn the fundamental aspects of setting up a "Clean Kitchen". For example:
  • How much water should you drink a day?
  • Should you eat after 6pm?
  • How many meals should you eat per day?
  • Should I count calories?
What else comes with the program?

The Clean Kitchen Client App. Built to keep you on track with your lessons and assignments through out the 12 weeks right from your phone or computer! You have Clean Kitchen right at your finger tips! In the week before your start date, you will be emailed your login information to get your personal CK account set up before you begin.

1. Initial Client Assessment (where are you beginning? Fast food every day or home cooked meals?). This matters! Why? We don't want to give you a cookie cutter style template that was meant for a diet guru! After assessment we will understand where you are and can meet you at your current "level".

2. Daily informational lessons and assignment check offs to keep you on track. We actually track your compliance to the program with your Progress Compliance score!

3. Optional food logging. You are what you eat, right? Have you ever written down everything you've eaten in a day? This is an awareness tool we highly encourage you use.

4. A coach! Your coach will be in touch daily via email, text or video chats. Whatever the best form of contact is for you, we can adapt.

Check out our full details of the 12 Week program on our site here: http://vsccleankitchen.com

If you are looking for a program that hold you accountable and gets results... You've found it. Welcome to Clean Kitchen!

This course is completely online via your Clean Kitchen Client App. We do not meet in person everyday. The time listed for the course is just for our software scheduling.

Cancellation policy If you need to cancel your enrollment, please contact us before the 12 Week Challenge begins. We will refund your money, minus a $10 transaction fee.
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