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3 visits freeFrom $8 per visit with 10 session kids punch card pass Show full pricing
Trial Pass 3 visits free • regularly $15 • 5 session trial pass
10 session kids punch card $80 • 10 visits • Card expires 12 months after purchase and can be used for any kids class.
CK 2.0 One Month $100 • 1 visit • Pay for 1 month of CK 2.0 coaching. This is only for clients who have already completed their initial first 3 month's of CK 2.0.
8 Punch Card $120 • 8 visits • Punch Card for 8 sessions that expire in 6 months from purchase date.
12 Punch Card $150 • 12 visits • 12 sessions at 150$. The 12 sessions must be used within 6 months of the purchase date. You must take Fundamentals first. A punch card can be used for our indoor and outdoor classes.
Gift Card $300 • 1 visit
Versus30 $75 every month • 8 visits per Month • Versus30 membership is for clients who only want to do our 30 minute classes. It entitles clients to Versus30 classes and no other classes or programs. It is good for 8 30 min sessions a month.Versus30 takes place at our Crosspoint/ 589 location. It is 1 mile off of 98 west toward Sumrall.
2 x Week $90 every month • 8 visits per Month • 2 x Week is a monthly package. 8 sessions per month
Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge - Monthly Draft $99 every month • Unlimited visits • This is the $99 monthly draft option to purchase the Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenge.

You will pay three payments of $99. First payment is due upon registration. Second and third payments will be drafted on the 2 following months. For example, if you register on Jan 3, your second payment will draft Feb 3, the third payment will draft March 3. This is non-refundable, non-cancelation policy enrollment.

Cancelation policy:
Because of our high demand of participants in the CK Program, once you enroll in the Clean Kitchen Monthly draft you can not cancel your membership unless because of a death, major sickness, or act of God. If you have any questions about your enrollment or draft payment, please email steve@versustrenghtandconditioning.com.
CK 2.0 $100 every month • 1 visit per Month • This program is for CK Clients who have already completed one Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenges within a calendar year. This is for clients who understand the CK philosophy and are well practiced in the planning and execution of making the Big 4 habits happen on a daily basis. You may just need a little extra accountability to stay focused on task. CK 2.0 will start off as a 3 month minimum, then a monthly membership after completing the 3 month requirement.
12 sessions per month $120 every month • 12 visits per Month • 3 x Week is a monthly plan. 12 sessions per month