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VOLT Plus: $25 monthly draft

The Versus Gym “at home” workouts, which we are now calling Volt+. The Volt Plus program is an “at home” adaptation of the regular weekly Versus indoor programming. This means you will follow the home version of the Versus gym's workout of the day. All workouts can be done with a set of dumbbells or kettle bell, though we do suggest you have both.

VOLT+ Includes: Versus programming for 5 days a week

    • SugarWOD access to VOLT Plus track
    • 4 strengths (M/T/Th/F)
    • 4 HIITs (M/T/W/Th/F/)
    • body weight HIIT workout options for those just starting out
    • Scaled "Intermediate" and Rx "Advanced" HIIT workout options
    • Coach Whiteboard Videos loaded for each workout explaining the workout
    • Movement demo videos
    • access to the Versus Members Group FB Page
    • does not include equipment rental
Check out a quick video demo of how VOLT+ works on SugarWOD here!

Plan details

  • Unlimited visits
  • Any location

Can be used for