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CK 2.0

This program is for CK Clients who have already completed one Clean Kitchen 12 Week Challenges, within a calendar year. This is for clients who understand the CK philosophy and are well practiced in the planning and execution of making the habits happen on a daily basis. You may just need a little extra accountability to stay focused on task. CK 2.0 will start off as a 3 month minimum, then monthly after completing the 3 month requirement.

For CK 2.0, there are 2 types of clients. Those who want to build on their Level 1 habits created while in the CK 12 Week Challenge, or those who want to take Level 2 habits further and who have specific performance or body composition goals. Level 1 clients can expect your coach to guide you much like they did through the 12 weeks through habit checks. But this time there are mandatory phone call check-ins each week. Think of this as a seamless transition from your CK 12 Week Challenge. Level 2 Client can expect more focus on macronutrient breakdowns, meal timings and activity focused eating.

Weekly Food Logging
You get to decide what kind of tracking you would like to do. L1 Clients will have the regular CK Food Log and Habit Card check offs. You will have the option to synch My Fitness Pal diary as well, but remember Level 1 habits do not need to get obsessed with numbers. So using your regular food log will be suited just fine. Level 2 Clients will use MFP for food logging and focus more on Level 2 habits.

PRICE: $100 per month
*3 month minimum at start
After 3 months, it is month-to-month membership. You can stay in as long as you want and cancel whenever you want.

What you get:
  • One phone call check-in appointment every week. We get to bug you every week ;)
  • One Food log check per week. Food logging will be done from My Fitness Pal (or CK Food Log if L1), which is synced to your CK Client App Account. You will have to log meal entries through MFP, but your coach will be able to view it from he CK App.
  • Required Bi-weekly measurements and photos: Must be loaded into CK Client App every 2 weeks.
  • Activity Assessment: Weekly activity goals you and your coach will discuss depending on your particular goals. From there you will be assigned specific workouts or activities to complete in addition to any gym workouts/activities you already do.
  • "Focus of the Week" articles every Sunday. These are new CK articles and topics, refresher lessons from the 12 Week Challenge and other articles from creditable sources we would like you to focus on for the week. We will dive further into how food plays a part in performance, recovery and general fitness topics we think are interesting!
Think of this like a personal trainer but for your food intake. Every client is different and your coach will coach you based off of what you want to accomplish. If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the coaches or email vsccleankitchen@gmail.com

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